Kitefliers Studios New Film Slate Partnership

Kitefliers Studios, LLC announced that it has formed a partnership with film producer Robert Ogden Barnum to produce a slate of three films for major theatrical release, starting production in 2013.

Kitefliers partners Neil Gobioff and Shawn Paonessa intend to work with Barnum in several aspects. Using their skills and background as writers, they are already working with Barnum on selecting and analyzing the scripts they intend to produce.

"We already have one script we're working on adding to the slate," says Gobioff. "It's too early to say yet, but it's based on novel by a major, modern American novelist. We're still looking for the other two. We'd like to mix genres to diversify the slate. Maybe an action film, for instance, and a comedy for the third."

Once the slate selection is finalized, Kitefliers will help furnish the development phase of pre-production and work with Barnum, who will liaise and coordinate the pre-production team leading into principal photography.

A rapidly emerging producer, Barnum was a Producer for the Oscar nominated Margin Call, which earned Barnum an Independent Spirit Award, and Executive Producer of Lawless, starring Gary Oldman and Shia LaBeouf, scheduled for US release this August.

"Barnum is tremendous to work with," says Paonessa. "He's as hungry as we are to tell a good story well. Plus, his insights into production, especially from the L.A. side of things, have been invaluable. We're really excited to work with him."

Gobioff and Paonessa also intend for the slate to expand their portfolio. Kitefliers is invested in two independent films currently in post-production. The duo are Co-Executive Producers for Clutter (starring Carol Kane, from writer Paul Marcarelli and producer Molly Pearson of The Green) and Associate Producers for Winter in the Blood (featuring Chaske Spencer and David Morse, from writers/directors Alex and Andrew J. Smith of The Slaughter Rule.)

Simultaneously, Gobioff and Paonessa are working on their own projects. Their first short, The Bedford Devil, is in post-production, and they are working on a screenplay for The March of the Kitefliers, adapted from their critically acclaimed play (and the namesake for the company.)

"Diversity is pretty much the strategy," says Gobioff. "At the end of the day, we want to tell great stories more and more on our own. But there is a lot to be learned and gained by working with great people on multiple levels. We're really looking forward to this slate to help balance what we do now and for the future."