We Want You! *


Kitefliers Studios is currently seeking production crew, especially talented folks located in the Tampa Bay area who are looking to enhance their resumes by doing some good, quality work. In other words, you need your own car, and we probably can't pay you a full salary, but we're interested in paying you as much as we possibly can.

Let us know your specialty, or even if you're looking to learn. We are too, and we're big on learning.


Watch this space for future posts about casting. At the moment, we're not looking for anyone specifically. However, you are welcome to send us your headshots, resumes and reels for future interest. Just don't get insulted if we don't respond to your unsolicited submission. Trust that it got here and we'll consider you when the time comes. If we have any questions, (you got it) we'll call you. Bonus points if your headshot resembles a Tobias Fünke resume. That doesn't mean we'll cast you; you just get bonus points for an imaginary game that doesn't actually exist, but you'll get a sense of enormous well-being.

How to send resumes, etc.

We like electronic stuff: emails, scans and links. Unless we're directly asking you for information, don't send us stuff in the post. It ends up in a pile of stuff on that table in the corner by the door, and six months later, someone randomly asks whose pile of crap that is. Maybe you can send us a disc with something, but make it interesting (hint: sex sells.)

Oh, and the other exception obviously is if you want to bribe/lobby us. So if you send us cash for no explicable reason and without any hope of getting something in return, you can send us stuff in the mail.

Here's the best way to contact us.

Writers, Idea Guys and Other Geniuses

You are a smart and creative person, and we're happy for you. However, we already have loads of ideas, materials, scripts, and scrawled bar napkins of our own. Please, don't send us yours. When the time comes, we'll let you know when that changes, and we'll let you know here. And for the love of God, please don't send your unwanted scripts to us in the mail (see the exception above about cash.) Any unsolicited hard copies will only be returned, loose-leaf, at a very high speed from a car window and into the tree in front of your house, and only if we feel like it. That doesn't mean we read it. We have only returned it playfully.


* maybe